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Nature Net is dedicated to breaking barriers that keep teachers and their students from experiencing Nature Net’s top notch environmental and nature education programming. Again and again, teachers inform us that the steep cost of transportation makes it difficult to take kids off site to learn about the world around them. That’s why we offer reimbursement of up to $80 per bus through the Nature Express program. Nature Express works in two ways:

Nature Connections: Schedule two thematically-related field trips to any Nature Net member sites within the school year.

Nature Mentor: Recruit a fellow teacher to join your class for their first Nature Net field trip to share with them how nature-based activities can be incorporated into their classroom.

Learn more about each program and apply today:

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Find out more about this program and frequently asked questions below.

Where to explore with Nature Express


Can I go to an environmental or nature site that is not a Nature Net member? 

Yes, of course but only visits to Nature Net members sites allow you to be eligible for Nature Express bus funding.

Does Nature Net book the buses or program for me?

No. You are responsible for booking your own bus and program date and location.

Can I go to the same Nature Net site twice? 

Yes. While we encourage you to take advantage of multiple Nature Net sites, you can visit the same site twice and still be eligible for bus funding. Just let us know how you’re tying your visits to your in-class curriculum.

What if we are signed up for two programs at a Nature Net site on one day?

If the two programs are distinct from one another and tie into your in-class curriculum, you can apply for bus funding. If you are wondering if your topics of study are eligible, just give us a call or send an email – we’re happy to discuss!

What if our students are going in two separate groups? 

If your group is large enough that your students need to visit on more than one day, you should fill out an application for each day.  Be sure – if you are applying for Nature Connections – that the same students are going on two unique trips. The objective is for each student to have multiple nature experiences throughout the school year.

If our entire grade level is going to a Nature Net site, how many applications should I fill out? 

You should fill out one application and be sure to note how many buses will be used. Your reimbursement is based on number of buses, not number of teachers or students.

Who should fill out the application?

In most cases it is the classroom or lead teacher who fills out the application. It is also okay to have an office staff take the lead role in applying for bus funding as long as it is clear how the programs are connected with classwork. (See examples of possible Nature Connections.)

Why do you need a contact person from the school office? 

Often it is the office staff who has access to the documentation we need as proof of your trip. It’s nice for us to have a current contact person there in case questions arise.

We’ve gone on our field trip/s, now what?

Once your trips have taken place, we will contact you with a reminder to send in documentation of your bus costs. Ask your business office to email a confirmation that your bus fees have been paid (in the form of a receipt, a copy of disbursement, etc.). These documents must show the following information:

  • Trip dates
  • Trip locations
  • The amount paid
  • And include your application number
Funding for Nature Express is made possible by Fund for Children

Funding for Nature Express is made possible by Fund for Children

What type of documentation do you need to process my reimbursement? 

The best form of documentation is an invoice from the bus company that shows the following information: your school, the date of your trip, how many buses were used, and the location of your visit. If you have questions about the eligibility of documents, please give us a call or send an email to discuss.

Do I need to invoice Nature Net? 

No. Your school office does not need to create an invoice. We simply need verification (in the form of a bus invoice or movement record) that the trip/s took place and the cost of the bus fee. Once we receive verification, you can expect your reimbursement in 4-6 weeks.

What do you do with the pictures or stories I send you? 

We share your pictures and stories with our supporting donor, American Girl’s Fund for Children, which makes this program possible. They are always excited to see and hear from the teachers and children who are positively impacted by Nature Express (and so are we!)